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African Butter - 54 Thrones

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Lets face it during the harsh winter months my hands just seem to be drying out screaming help for moisture. With the outbreak of a global health pandemic Covid (seems like never ending story), we're washing our hands even more!

The winter months and Covid has sent me on a search for some type of hand cream that will lock in moisture and save my peeling cracked cuticles! I must admit I ran across a lot of hand creams but after reading numerous ingredients on the back of packages wore me out.

I started to slouch in the chair as I continued to search on the web. I had nothing but time with Covid restrictions. Couldn't browse the aisle of department stores the normal way. Honestly I prefer the web the face masks are uncomfortable!

Since I'm sort of a packaging snob, I channeled my inner mantra All Things Shine ! There it was shining back at me (as I scrolled up and down online). The gold shiny tube! The bright with label! With an embedded front "Butter" Usually I add items to my fav Nordstrom list and read later. My tired-less slouch became a gradual upward movement.

I instantly clicked the details and read the ingredients not the back packaging ingredients the front label ingredient “BUTTER”. Shea Butter crossed my mind which I like. Added to my checkout basket and set my arrival reminder. Few days past of my porch filled with packages and finally it’s here! My inside thoughts start chanting as if I’m in a stadium of a Game of Thrones scene chanting 54 Thrones 54 Thrones ! May I add I love the company name.

Unboxing the pink beautiful blush package. My eyes wrapped around the back label reading.... luxuriously creamy, silky smooth blend of Shea butter!

Opened the tube squeezed into my palm nothing flowed out hmmm... The how to use note card came in handy. so I warmed the tube between palms of my hands, it did not flow out but enough spilled out into my palms leaving me to smell aroma scents of coconut and rose such a dainty smell.

I really like the special note card in the packaging on how to store your 54 Thrones butter at a room temperature . As I gazed around the front package the word Africa appeared. Glazed around the back label again to notice the short narrative 54 Thrones shared of their sourcing of the African grown ingredients.

So far what I have in my palms seem to soothe my hands as well but I’m going to be paying close attention to my cracking cuticles. So far Butter has my hand feeling like smooth butter

Bravo ✨54 Thrones

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