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Are Silicone toothbrushes better?

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Here I am sitting at the dentist office appointment for my annual routine cleaning! Of course my dentist gives me a reminder that it’s also time to switch out my toothbrush for oral hygiene purposes.

As I check out my dentist gives me a toothbrush kit which always comes in handy when I travel. The toothbrush and toothpaste is just the right travel size. Since we have so many covid travel restrictions in place, I will be collecting these mini kits until I travel again ..hopefullu this summer. I’m so ready to be sun kissed by the Caribbean sun, for now I will store the kit in my armoire!

I decided to go buy replacement toothbrush. I picked up the Foreo Issa Play. The color stood out a nice pop of color. Unboxed the toothbrush once I got home and noticed the weight was light in hand and the wide handle was a plus. The silicone allowed a good grip. Silicone is quick drying and helps with resistance to bacteria. Maybe this is the reason Foreo Issa does not have toothbrush head replacement option.

The toothbrush head was part silicone with nylon white bristle. As I started to brush I was not sure if the Foreo provided the proper reach between the teeth. The sonic vibration added a nice stimulation on the gums. As I continued brushing I noticed the Foreo did not have a built in timer to encourge good brushing habits and save energy? I checked again and I did not see a charging connection outlet. Foreo said the toothbrush is good for 800 uses. As I swiped my tongue back and forth on my teeth to check for plaque I was totally in surprise my teeth felt polished.

My overall take on the silicone brush is I wish it had a built in timer and more white nylon bristles to reach in between teeth better. Not sure if I’m ready to purge my other electric tooth.

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